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The AdLuminate Advantage

AdLuminate is your marketplace for buying and selling advertising space, sponsorships, and related services.

The AdLuminate Advantage includes:

  • A 24x7 channel for promoting advertising space, sponsorship opportunities, and related professional services.
  • A no-hassle venue for advertisers to find and compare advertising and sponsorships opportunities that target their market and are within their budget.
  • Access to an audience that is highly likely to consider and buy marketing and advertising services, including graphic design, videography, website design, market research, and more.
  • A simple and powerful solution for promoting and selling advertising space and sponsorships, allowing users to monetize media assets without bringing on a full sales team.
  • A one-stop spot for searching opportunities, evaluating options, finding professional assistance, and staying abreast of best practices and industry news.

Sell Advertising Space

Wouldn’t it be great if you could promote your available media space without hiring a sales team? With AdLuminate, you create a listing and qualified leads find you! The more detailed the listing the better the leads.

AdLuminate makes it easy to promote your advertising opportunities to an audience that is actively seeking to buy space. Save money buy using AdLuminate to increase your sales team, and generate new revenue streams by selling media space that currently isn’t monetized. AdLuminate also keeps you in charge, allowing you to vet potential advertisers to make sure their message aligns with your mission.

Attract New Sponsors

Finding sponsors for an event, program, race, or organization is time consuming and distracting from the overall mission. Why spend time selling when you could list on AdLuminate and be approached by buyers that are interested in your opportunities?

AdLuminate makes it easy to promote your sponsorship opportunities to an audience that is actively looking to present their message to your attendees, participants, and members. Step back from the time consuming task of selling and focus more time and energy on managing your events and operations, while AdLuminate directs qualified leads to your desk.

Promote Advertising and Marketing Services

Talk about a target audience. AdLuminate users are actively seeking to promote their brands, ideas, and businesses. Make sure they can find you by having a listing in AdLuminate’s professional services directory. With your listing you let our audience know what your skills are and which industries you have expertise in. That’s it… one simple profile and AdLuminate will go to work generating new leads for your business.